I’m trying to clean out all the papers that we have kept together and unorganized.  I figure since I’m always bragging about how organized I am, I had better start living up to all the hype I’ve created.

As I cleaned, I came across some gems from the hospital/doctor’s office related to birth.  They make me all increasingly nauseated, so I was, naturally, very pleased to find the paper explaining how to work with nausea during pregnancy.

This has continued to be an issue for me into my second trimester, and I’m hoping it gets better soon.  Special thanks to all (the LARGE NUMBER) of my friends who are formerly pregnant who talked about just how sick they were the entire pregnancy, which has provided me much encouragement.  This little paper about dealing with nausea has started cracking me up.

“Smells of all kinds seem to make nausea worse.  These smells can include:

odors on other people’s breath (yep)
garlic (definitely yep)
coffee (nope)
beer (always)
perfume (nope)
hairspray, shampoo, and perm solution (just the perm solution)
onion (yep)
broccoli (nope)
sausage (yep…all meats, actually)
cigarette smoke (yesyesyes so terrible)
stinky children (okay, that one isn’t on the list, but seriously, it is bad)

To alleviate nausea, examine your surroundings.

When are you getting sick?” (Well, SOGA, I’m getting sick during kindergarten and first grade music every day and between noon and two on weekends.)

“For some, noise can increase nausea.  Turn off the TV or radio.” (All right, I’ll just stop using music in my classroom and make the 20-26 children magically stay completely quiet for 30 minutes while I rest.)

“Fresh air may help.  Open the window slightly.” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cause I don’t have any windows.)

“If bright lights bother you, dim them or turn them off.” (So in addition to the lack of music during music class and the magically silent 6-8 year-olds, I also should require them to sit in pitch black darkness.)

Yes, you could say that I’m finding this little article extremely helpful in alleviating my “afternoon sickness.”

(Again, I’d take all the symptoms in the world for the entirety of every pregnancy if it means I get to be a mommy.  I just like to complain.)


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