Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

…and we have a snow day, so I decided to have the most productive day ever!


First task, matchless sock holder.  I drew inspiration from this post and this one.  I decided to go with the Harry Potter theme, but I didn’t want to exactly copy the other person, so I changed mine to say “Save Dobby” instead of “Free Dobby,” although “free” makes more sense in the context of Harry Potter.  I plan to decorate a mason jar to say “knuts, sickles, and galleons” as well to collect spare change, and then also make artwork that says “Laundry is Magical” or something of the sort, so the whole laundry room will be Harry Potter themed.



First, I purchased the block of wood from Hobby Lobby and painted it black with acrylic paint and just a plain old paintbrush.  Next, I downloaded a free Harry Potter font to my mac (by the way, if you have Word for Mac, the fonts won’t work, so use Pages instead) and typed out Save Dobby.  I made the font like 500 or something so that it would print big enough.  My sis cut the letters out for me (thanks, Sis!).  I glued them with regular Elmer’s glue onto the already-painted board, then traced and filled them with glue and poured glitter over them.  After 24 hours of drying time, I dumped and brushed off the excess glitter and sprayed a finishing coat to keep it from constantly sweating glitter.

Next, I purchased one set of picture hanging hooks from Hobby Lobby.  My husband (thanks, Husband!) drilled holes in the back of the block of wood and screwed in the hooks to the back.  I tied twine (also from Hobby Lobby) from one end to the other, leaving extra room so I could use as many clothespins as I needed.

Next, I purchased clothespins and gold glitter puff paint.  I painted the clothespins black, waited for them to dry, and then I puff-painted lightning bolts on each one, cause, you know, Harry Potter.  I think if I was going to do it over again, I would hot glue little buttons into the clothespins that say “S.P.E.W.” because that would be funnier than just the lightning bolts.


Overall, it ended up looking pretty awesome!  I’m excited to finish up the rest of my HP laundry room! YAY for fun!



      1. Etsy would be a good venue for this. Make sure it is your own style for copyright but I am making one for my laundry room. Genius

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