The last chapter of James for the Matthew 19:14 Project.


There are rich people in the world who treat their workers badly. Are you one of those? If you are, you should be sad and upset about the wrong things you’ve done, because you are about to see the consequences. (A consequence is something that happens because of something else.) For you, the consequence is that you won’t be rich anymore, and even your money won’t be worth anything anymore. If your money could come to life, it would say it is rotten because you are rotten. You had plenty of money, but you selfishly kept it all for yourself. Even worse, you gave people jobs to work for you, but then you didn’t pay them for the job they did. They cried to God about how it was unfair, and He heard them. You’ve bought all the best things for yourself and only yourself instead of being generous (that means sharing with kindness). You fattened yourself up by keeping everything for yourself, just like a pig gets fattened up before the farmer turns him into bacon. You should be turned into bacon, too, to be gobbled up. You wronged people who weren’t even against you!

Be patient – that means wait calmly. Farmers plant their crops and then wait and hope for the rain to nourish them before finally reaching the harvest season. Just like they patiently wait through the seasons, you should wait, too, and you should stand up for what you know is right in the meantime. You are waiting for Jesus to come back and make everything right again. Don’t argue and complain with each other while you wait, or God will give you what you deserve. God is right there paying attention! It’s like He’s at your front door, and He can hear you through the walls!

If you are having an especially hard time waiting because things just keep going wrong and it is hard to deal with life, think about some of the bible stories you know and how those people did a good job waiting. We look at them as heroes because they kept going and never gave up. What’s that called again? Oh yeah, perseverance. You’ve heard of Job – he lost everything and waiting for God, always trusting Him, and then God brought Him so many good things in the end. God knows what you’re going through, and it makes His heart hurt when you are hurting. He takes away our punishments in the end if we trust Him, even though we deserve them. He is a good God.

And most importantly, there is no reason to swear to anything – don’t swear to God or swear to Satan or swear to the trees or waters. Be honest enough that there is plenty of power in simply saying, “Yes” or “No.” Otherwise, you will get the punishment that you deserve.

Praying can make a huge difference when you really believe. It can be powerful. Are you in trouble? Then pray. Are you happy? Then sing a prayer of praise. Are you sick? Call everyone to you to pray for you and give you holy medicine in the name of the Lord. If you honestly believe, your prayer has power to heal the sick person, because God will. The sick person’s sins can be forgiven, too. So tell each other what you’ve done wrong and pray for each other, because that’ll help you get better. If you try to do what is good and right, your prayers are powerful and they make a difference.

Elijah’s did. He prayed for no rain, and there was no rain for 3.5 years. As soon as he prayed for rain, it rained again.

If you see your fellow Christian family starting to turn away from God, stop them and bring them back. Every person you bring back to Christ is being saved from eternal separation from God and all of his/her sins will be covered because he/she was brought back!


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