This letter is from Paul, who was not sent by men or from men but was sent by Jesus Christ and God the Father, and all of the Christian brothers and sisters who are with me.

To the churches in Galatia:

I hope you receive God’s grace and give it to each other, and I hope you live in peace. This grace and peace can only come from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Hero – we deserved death for our sins, but He chose to stand in our place even though He didn’t do anything wrong. He rescues us from our sins and from the evil that is in the world right now because that is what God wants for us. God is so good! Let His goodness show forever! Amen.

I am shocked to find out that you have begun to not trust the person who told you the story of Christ. Instead, you are listening to and trusting someone else who is telling you different good news than the Good News of Christ, which really isn’t even good news at all! I guess some new people are confusing you by changing the gospel (the good news) of Christ. Listen to me – if even I or even an angel from heaven tells you a version of the story of Jesus that isn’t the true one, they should be cursed! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if anybody is telling a version of the story of Jesus that isn’t the true one, he should be cursed!

Now that we know the story of Christ, we are not trying to make other people like us. We are trying to do what God wants us to do, not people. If we are still trying to make other people happy with what we say and do, then we aren’t really followers of Christ, we are followers of people.

The real gospel, the actual good news, is not from people. It is from God. The Holy Spirit gave it to me when I met Jesus in person. It can’t be from people, because you know how strongly I felt against it. I used to hurt Christians and throw them in prison and even be glad that they were killed. I tried to destroy Christ’s church on earth. I was so far along in Judaism (that is, the Jewish religion) that I was above most of the people my own age. But God planned it all. He knew when I was still in my mom’s belly that I would be His. He sent Jesus to meet me so that I might share His story with even non-Jewish people. But when I first realized the truth, I didn’t want to figure it out by the knowledge of other people. I wanted it to come straight from God. After three years, I finally met Peter. I was only with him for two weeks. I didn’t even meet anyone else except for James, Jesus’s brother. I promise that I am telling the truth. I couldn’t have made it up. Or if I did make it up, the stories wouldn’t line up with the other disciples because I never met or talked to them directly. I know the truth because God showed it to me when I met Jesus. I went on to Syria and Cilicia. The Christian churches in Judea didn’t even know who I was. They only knew that I used to try to hurt Christians and that now I was on their side. And they praised God because of me.


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