There is a package of apples in my kitchen that are perfectly good apples. Unfortunately, they got put right next to some nectarines that we didn’t notice were rotting, and the rot juice from the nectarines began to touch the apples before we caught it. We have a few rotting apples now.

This reminds me that I have been noticing this student who is super sweet on her own, and then turns into a meanie when she gets around this particular other student. This other student isn’t really a meanie or anything. But she has a generally negative attitude. Nothing major, just typical high school stuff. But it is interesting how negative attitudes work like rot – for some people, they start from within, like my nectarines. And for others, the rot doesn’t start from the inside, but is instead from proximity to the rot. Unfortunately, both result in the same thing: rotten fruit.

It’s an interesting thing to live in proximity to the rot (or negativity) without actually touching it. It’s definitely a huge challenge for me. Any other apples out there getting touched by rotten nectarines?  
I’m indebted to grace, because it means that whether I’m rotting from the inside or outside, there’s hope to be made completely new again. God doesn’t throw away rotten apples. He restores them. I’m so grateful.

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