The #SpousePsalmChallenge – Episode One

My husband and I have always looked for ways to talk about God’s word together in incorporate our faith-practice in our home. We had this idea to read a Psalm separately and then talk about it on camera. We found it to be a really meaningful and rich time!

We’d love for you to join us in the #spousepsalmchallenge!

Step 1: Pick a psalm. (Ryan randomly chose Psalm 33 this time.)

Step 2: Read it separately and write down your thoughts – what sticks out to you? What questions or thoughts do you have related to it? What does it say about God? What does it say about you? How does it apply to your life?

What can I say? I heart pink.

Step 3: Read the psalm together and talk about your thoughts. You can make a video, too, if you’d like. We recommend that you start and end with prayer.

Step 4: You can post the video, or you can post a picture of you and your spouse with the hastag #spousepsalmchallenge. We’d love to see how you’re incorporating God’s word into your home and building into your relationship with your spouse.