Hey there, folks.

Grace, 1 week old, Amy Joy Photography

I’m Mely.

I’ve been a little wife for about 7 years now, and a mother for almost 5. Wifehood and motherhood can definitely be concomitant.

Yes, I know it isn’t the traditional use for the word.  Don’t yell too loudly. (I bet you didn’t know that word existed – I didn’t. Honestly, I looked up “words that start with C that mean togetherness” because I thought it went nicely with “chronicles.”)

Concomitant means “existing or occurring with something else…accompanying, concurrent.” (Thanks, dictionary.com!)

And so, as a little wife and mother, I am existing or occurring with something else – my family.

And along with wifehood and motherhood, I am finding some other things to exist or occur, such as the need to cook food that doesn’t kill us, the need to save money, the need to organize our home, the need to plan for remodels, the need to talk about my little darlings, the need to express my feelings…

And most importantly, I am finding the need to do life alongside my Creator, who has graciously given me these crazy amazing gifts that stress me out so much that I forget how crazy amazing they are.

Oh yes, life is definitely concomitant. It’s not something we are meant to do alone. So come alongside me as we journey through this life. Let us sing together, one and all a joyous song.

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