My House Is Put Together, Part Two

Do it constantly in little bits.

After sucking it up, my next bit of advice is to do the work in your home constantly in little bits, so that it never gets to be a big job.

Take 2 extra seconds when opening a string cheese to throw away the wrapper instead of leaving it on top of the counter.

Take 2 extra seconds to rinse off the plate and put it directly in the (unloaded) dishwasher instead of just setting it in the sink.

Wash the dishes immediately after cooking/dinner – this way, they don’t have time to sit and dry, and then you don’t have to scrub so hard to get old spaghetti sauce out of the pot 5 days later (I’ve never done that, what are you talking about?)(yes, I have).

Put clothes directly in the laundry basket or back on a hanger or in a pre-designated “already worn but not dirty yet” place, instead of just leaving them on the bathroom floor.

my average, everyday bathroom floor in 2018

Go ahead and put the clean laundry away instead of just bringing the clean basket upstairs and dumping it all onto your bed, only to throw it onto the floor so that you can go to sleep when you’re exhausted at midnight.

Go Nike on yourself – just do it.

And do it now.

Since we started this, it now takes me 10 minutes to get the entire house put together to go to bed, because most stuff was already put away. It takes about 5 minutes to get all the dishes completely out of the sink before bed, because only the dishes that we used at dinner needed to be washed or loaded into the dishwasher. Since I’m doing laundry more regularly, the loads are smaller, so it takes less time to put them away (about 10 minutes), so they aren’t .

And the best part is that friends came over yesterday, and I spent exactly 3 minutes tidying up the house before they got here. THREE. MINUTES.

This whole “complete it as it comes” thing has been a GAME. CHANGER. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended.

Coming up next: part 3 – Get rid of stuff, and organize what’s left.