Here’s the place where I brag on the delightful tiny humans that I helped to create!

My son, Jared (nicknamed and regularly referred to as Hurricane in this blog, because that’s what we called him while he was in the womb) was born in fall of 2013. He is such a joy. He is extremely strong-willed, bossy (whoops, I mean he has leadership skills), methodical, smart, snarky, and has an uncanny ability to correctly pronounce very complex words. I can’t wait to see how God uses his methodical leadership for the Kingdom.

Jared, age 4.5, May 2018 (Amy Joy Photography)

My older daughter, Eleanor (we call her Ellie or The Destroyer) was born in spring of 2015. She is my delight. She is absolutely hysterical, very sneaky, manipulative, loves washing her hands (and will use the entire container of soap on each washing and cover her entire body in it if we aren’t watching her like hawks), and likes to sneak sweet food by moving the barstools to the pantry, opening it, and then hiding in the master bedroom closet. On the flip side, she is the most sensitive and caring child I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to see how God uses her tender heart and great mercy and compassion for the Kingdom.


Eleanor, age 2.5, October 2017 (Amy Joy Photography)

My younger daughter, Grace, was born in June of 2018. She’s brand new. She is a treasure. Right now, she is an expert at crying and pooping. Every once in a while, she sleeps! Those are exciting times! I don’t know how she’ll be as she grows, but I know God will use her powerfully for the Kingdom if she chooses him.

Grace, age 1 week, June 2018 (Amy Joy Photography)

I pray heartily and fervently for these dear ones to become Kingdom Builders. I ache that the Holy Spirit will soften their hearts so that they’ll choose him, and that Dad and I won’t mess them up too badly.

              “For this child I prayed, and YHWH has granted me my petition that I made to him.”                                                                                             1 Samuel 1:27                                                                                   (Amy Joy Photography)

My husband Ryan, who I almost always refer to as Husband on the blog, is my wonderful hunky companion. He’s a true Renaissance man, an expert in building, woodworking, Visa sales, laminator repair, massage therapy, and being handy. Doing life with him is my absolute greatest joy. Help me convince him that we need more children! 😉

Our Family, May 2018 (Amy Joy Photography)

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