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Shift Robotics Introduces a Lighter and Smarter MoonWalker

Shift Robotics Introduces a Lighter and Smarter MoonWalker

Are you dreaming of walking on the moon, if Yes, So you might be interested in the latest innovation from Shift Robotics . The Austin-based company has developed a new version of its footwear that allows users to glide across surfaces easily. The new version of the model is a big improvement over the original, which was a viral hit on Kickstarter in 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift Robotics improved the shoe for gliding.
  • The new Shoes are lighter, more controllable, and smaller.
  • The company targets the logistics and warehousing sectors for productivity and security.
  • The new shoe will be visible at CES next week.

The new shoe is lighter and more controllable and also available in smaller sizes than the last one. They weigh just three pounds per foot, compared to four pounds for the original. It also features a more advanced control system that allows users to adjust the speed and direction of the shoe with a smartphone app. The new model can fit users with shoe sizes ranging from 6 to 12, while the old one only fits sizes 9 to 13.

The new model is not a toy for fun, but also a tool for work. The company behind the footwear points is the logistics and storage sector as a potential market for its product, as it can improve the productivity and safety of workers. These robotic Shoes can help workers to move faster and more efficiently in large spaces while reducing the risk of injuries or accidents.

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The shoe will debut at CES  next week, where the shoe attract more customers and investors. The price and availability of the product are still not mentioned, but it is expected to be cheaper than the last one, which costs $1,400 per pair. The company says it has received more than 10,000 pre-orders for the new model and plans to start shipping them in the second quarter of 2024.

The new model is a notable example of how technology can transform objects and activities. The shoes are not only for fun but also useful. They could be the next thing in Advanced technology and Entertainment.

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